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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Fitness Tutor been around?

Since 1998, that’s over 20 years!

How do you conduct the personal training in Singapore?



1) Facts finding. This is done by trying to understand client’s goal followed by having him/her to answer a set of questionaire. We then conduct fitness and diet assessments.


3) Recommend suitable nutritional plan and other lifestyle modifications.


4) Design a balanced fitness program (with a focused goal and secondary goals in mind to ensure a balanced body) based on the above.


5) Commence training on mutually agreed days and time.


6) Follow the customised program and constantly making adjustments to adapt to the day to day changes (eg emotional, hydration, energy levels).

What is a Science-based personal trainer?

Most personal trainers in Singapore do not follow the latest scientific research when they conduct their coaching on their clients. They follow whatever is a popular trend at that moment or simply push their cleints as hard as possible. They don’t follow basic scientific fitness protocols like progression or individualisation, which is the most important for a personal trainer.


At Fitness Tutor, we are at the forefront of fitness and nutrition research. We will eliminate any exercise or program the has been proven unsafe or unproductive, and continue to use those that have proven to work. An example is HIIT training. Our company has used HIIT since our establishment in 1998. Yet, HIIT has only begun to be used widely among other personal trainers in Singapore, which they themselves have little understanding of its concept. Read our blog about HIIT. If you are looking for a personal trainer in Singapore, always make sure he/she speaks about science.

What's unique about us?

1. Our training approach is completely based on latest scientific studies not trends or out-dated methods. It is not uncommon to see other trainers embracing the latest fad like kettle swings, battle rope, tire flipping exercises etc and forgetting about the basics of exercise science like progression, balanced fitness etc.

2. Our coaches are required to uphold our professional standards. Our certifications are among the best in the industry and we will keep them current, even for our CPR certs. Many trainers in the industry, due to the low entry level, aren’t even certified or certified by the recognised organisations. Many among those who are certified do not maintain their certifications through the process of continuing education.

3. We help all clients to work on other areas of their fitness (eg flexibility, agility, strength) not just on their core goals. This will ensure they developed a balanced physique.

4. We provide nutritional advises based on latest scientific findings instead of promoting fad diets.

5. The safety of our clients is our top priority. All these years, exercise-induced injuries are extremely rare. When it happens, it is usually minor. In contrast, serious gym-related accidents and injuries (with occasional death) often occur under the hands of inexperinced exercisers and/or trainers. Check this

6. We are highly flexible as far as training schedule is concerned. You needn’t have to worry about having to missed sessions because of work and other commitments as we will try to cater to your needs.

6. Customisations do not only occur after the initial assessments. It is an ongoing process that takes place every time you train with us. Every day is different. Your hydration, diet emotional, health, motivation status vary and will be taken into account, and training will be adjusted accordingly. Nobody else does that except us.

Is the training hard?

As the saying goes ‘there are many ways to skin a cat’, the same applies to training. Depending on your capability and preference, we can work around them. Easy or hard? You take your pick, result remains.


Having said that, don’t expect a stroll in the park.

Why is Fitness Tutor a trusted name?

Since the beginning, Fitness tutor has been promoting only science-based training, instead of whatever is practised widely based on trends or pusedo-science. Some of the myths we dispelled:


1) Minimum 20 mins rule for fat-burning process to start

2) Spot-reduction theory

3) No eating after 8pm theory

4) Eat low-fat or low cholesterol to reduce fat or cholesterol, respectively

5) low-intensity fat-burning zone


Unfortunately, these fallacies continue to circulate. It is therefore our goal to continue to educate people to do things the right way through our training and talks.

Are the programs effective? Safe?

There are two things we are very particular about: effectiveness and safety.


1) Effectiveness of all our programs. They are all grounded on latest science of exercise physiology and nutrition. Others are often based on whatever is trendy at the moment. Before we introduce a program, we do our due diligence by going deep into researching the most effective training methods based on the newest scientific studies. We then test them and further fine-tune them before doing final customisation to our clients’ training. Modifications are then further done if new findings surfaced. So, you can be assurred of the engaging the most effective training protocols, hence getting the best result possible.


2) Safety of clients. We take the safety of clients very seriously and we not engage in unsafe practises. Granted, everyone claims so. Some can have an opposite effect.


For example, many exercisers often do half-squats or half-presses instead of going as low/wide as their joints allow them to, claming that it is safer. Yet what they are doing is technically a ‘false sense of safety/security’. When you do that for extended periods, the body adapts to such restricted range, become less flexible and will be opened to injuries when you unintentionally moved past the range. Also, the joints are actually stressed the most at the mid-range position (note: Coach Paul was an engineer and product designer, and now is a Medical Exercise Specialist, so he knows what he’s preaching), that can’t be good be for soft-tissues.


All exercises are carried out progressively according to clients’ personal pace. We will start from your baseline fitness and work upwards from there, rather than blindly following someone else’s standard. Statistically speaking, for over 2 decades and conducted over 100,000 hours of personal training on thousands of clients in Singapore, injury rate maintains at near zero.


Beyond these, we have the following in place to ensure clients can train with peace of mind:


– All personal trainers / coaches are currently CPR certified in Singapore. All the professional fitness related certifications are kept current.

– Availability of an AED machine

– Emergency protocols


To top things off, to prove that we are the second to none in both safety and effectiveness, we put a 100% guarantee to our programs indicating that if you feel that our program doesn’t work (despite putting in the necessary work and hours) or caused you any injury during training, preventing from continuing, we will refund you the unused training fee. No further questions.

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