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For over 2 decades, Coach Paul and Fitness Tutor have had hundreds of interviews, appearances or articles in various local and international media, making us the most sought-after fitness professionals for knowledge sharing. We also have won several prestigious awards in recognition for adhering to high professional standards. 


Here are some examples:

Best in Singapore

  • Best Personal Trainers in Singapore
  • Best Nutritionists in Singapore

Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC)

  • 2022: Best Personal Trainer of the Year (Singapore)

  • 2021: Best Fitness and Nutrition Consulting Firm


  • Nov 12 2019: Interviewed and modelled for an article: ‘Exercise for diabetics’ 

  • Feb 2 2019: Interviewed in a full-page feature article called ‘Exercising for the 40s and above’.

The Sunday Times/Straits Times

  • Jan 2 2018: Interviewed and modelled for: A dose of exercise makes the body well.

  • Nov 3 2013: Interviewed in a full-page feature article called ‘The science of keeping fit’

The Newpaper

  • Oct 31 2013: Interviewed in a full-page feature article called ‘Fit to train’

Herworld Brides

Blissful Brides

Singapore Expat

Fitness Business Pro Magazine (US-based trade magazine read by all fitness professionals worldwide)

  • Jun 4 2008: Paul contributed an article called Seven Tips for Retaining Your Clients for Life

  • Mar 12 2008: Paul contributed an article called ‘Top Nine Tips for Marketing Your Personal Training Business’

  • Jan 8 2008: Paul contributed an article called ’14 Powerful Ways To Be A Fitness Rainmaker’

  • Dec 5 2007: Paul contributed an article called ‘Eight Deadly Marketing Sins’

Greater Than 60: (A Web Portal Dedicated To The Seniors)

  • Jan 2008: Paul contributed to an article on ‘How Exercise Can Be The Fountain Of Youth’

The Law Gazette Magazine (Journal for Lawyers in Singapore)

  • June 2008: Paul contributed to a full-page article on ‘Are you challenged by a health issue?’

  • Dec 2007: Paul contributed to a full-page article on ‘Are you too busy making rain with no time left to look after your health and fitness?’

Shape Magazine

  • Nov 2007: Paul contributed to a full article on “Getting a Great Looking Butt”

Lianhe WanBao

  • 2 Jan 2012: Paul shared his expertise in a full page article dedicated to the training of core muscles

  • 4 Jul 2007: Paul gave his expert comments on the case of a female army recruit who got severely injured during training. 

  • 25 Jun 2007: Paul gave his expert comments on the death of a national triathlete after completing a race

938LIVE Radio Station 

  • 8 Jan 2007: Paul Kuck being interviewed on general fitness and nutrition topics

Men’s Health Magazine

  • Oct 2006: Ace your IPPT to Get Great Sex

U Weekly 

  • Apr 2008 (Issue 121): How not to prevent fat gain during the holiday season

  • Feb 2008 (Issue 115): Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

  • Mar 2007 (Issue 64): Various Sports for Weight Loss (P 2)

  • Aug 2006 (Issue 38): Various Sports for Weight Loss


PA’s Arts & Learning Centre E-newsletter

  • Feb 2006: Paul Kuck was being interviewed and featured, titled ‘The Total Fitness Package’.

NewMan Magazine

  • Mar & Apr 2003: Paul Kuck was being interviewed and provided expert advises in the two-parts article called “The Hundred Dollar Hercules”

Health Digest Magazine

  • Sep/Oct 1999: The Perfect Body: Is it an Elusive Search

  • Sep/Oct 1999: Finding time for exercise

  • Sep/Oct 1999: Gaining weight

  • Nov/Dec 1999: Warm-Ups & Cool Downs – Are they just for shows

  • Jan/Feb 2000: Calories – how many do we need

  • Jan/Feb 2000: Sports Fitness Series #1 – Soccer

  • Jan/Feb 2000: The Right Athlete Shoes

  • Mar/Apr 2000: Exercise – Too much of a good thing can be bad

  • Mar/Apr 2000: Sports Fitness Series #2 – Badminton

  • May/Jun 2000: Soy Delight

  • May/Jun 2000: Sports Fitness Series #3 – Basketball

  • July/Aug 2000: Exercising Under the Hot Weather

  • July/Aug 2000: Sports Fitness Series #4 – Inline Skating

  • Sep/Oct 2000:Look ma! Grandma is Pumping Iron!

  • Sep/Oct 2000: Sports Fitness Series #5 – Cycling

  • Nov/Dec 2000: Sports Fitness Series #6 – Swimming

  • Jan/Feb 2001:  The best way to lose weight – lifestyle changes

  • Mar/Apr 2001: Creating a pain-free workplace

  • May/Jun 2001: Exercise for the seniors

  • Jul/Aug 2001: Motivation and exercise

  • Sep/Oct 2001: Not all carbohydrates are the same

Singapore Fitness Instructors’ Association (SFIA) Newsletter

  • Oct/Nov 1999: Components of a Successful Weight Management Program

  • Apr/Jun 2000: H.I.T. – The secret for muscular gains?

  • Jul/Sep 2000: Being a Personal Trainer

  • Oct/Dec 2000: Secrets Of Success – Specialising

  • Jan/Mar 2001:  A Research conducted by SSC Research Team – Is Dance Stimulation Game an Effective Exercise? The Aerobic Demands of the Dance Stimulation Game

The Graduate Newsletter

  • Jun 2001: Common fitness misconceptions

  • Sep 2001: Interview on the taking over of the fitness centre at Orchard Guild House

  • Dec 2001: Are you on the ball?

  • Jan 2002: Introduction about Salsa and Merengue dances

  • Mar 2002: Presenting our fitness personalities

  • Apr 2002: Get in shape fast with the NUSS Personal Training Programme

  • Aug/Sep 2002: The future of fitness – Traditional mind-body exercises

  • Oct/Nov 2002: Women should lift weights

  • Dec/Jan 2003: Gym etiqutte – Do’s and don’ts of using a gym


HealthToday Magazine

  • Sep 2001: Q & A on how to start an exercise program to lose weight without taking too much of the valuable time

  • Oct 2001: Q & A on the safety of various weight loss products seen on the market

  • Nov 2001: Q & A on the benefits of weight training

  • Dec 2001: Q & A on the purported benefits of electrical muscle stimulator (EMS).

  • Jan/Feb 2002: Q & A on the effectiveness of high-intensity exercise.

  • Mar 2002: Handle with care. Easy and low costs way to avoid special problems unique to women in sports.

  • May 2002: Q & A on the effectiveness of using weightlifting belt.

  • June 2002: Q & A on the elimination of all fat from the diet.

  • July 2002: Q & A on the usefulness of using BMI exclusively for detecting health risk.

  • July 2002: Do your kids need supplements? Food for thought for parents.

  • Aug 2002: The lean, mean executive.

  • Oct 2002: Q & A on the effect of Glycemic Index on diabetic patients

  • Mar 2003: What are amino acids?

  • Mar 2003: Q & A on the lack of improvement from weight training.

  • Nov 2003: Q & A on the effects of Ephedrine


Farma Magazine

  • Jan 2000: Double Your Muscles with a quarter the workout!

  • Jan 2000: Ouch! My back hurts

  • Jun 2000: The NAPFA Challenge

  • Exercise for people with Heart Problems

Executive Inc. Magazine

  • Vol1/2 2000: Executives must shape up or lose out

  • Vol 2/3 2000: Fitness for the Busy Executives

  • Vol1/4 2000: Strengthening that heart

The S’pore Polytechnic Alumni Networks News (SPANews)

  • 1999: A exclusive coverage on Fitness Tutor titled ‘Fitness for Real Life’.


Asiafit Magazine

  • May/Jun 2000: Paul Kuck was being interviewed and featured in an article called “The Plight of the PT”.

Raffles Country Club Newsletter

  • Jan 2001: Basic weight training guidelines

  • Apr/May 2001: Toughening your chest muscles


Lianhe ZaoBao

  • Sep 2000: Paul Kuck was interviewed and featured in a two-page article called ‘exercising at home’.

Today Newspaper

  • June 5 2002: Paul Kuck was interviewed and featured in an article called ‘An exciting new career’.

MOH’s Healthy Lifestyle Website 

  • Anaerobic or Aerobic – which is the better way for weight loss

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