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Testimonials & Reviews from our high profile
personal training clients in Singapore

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your support and guidance during the last 4 years. You have changed my way of thinking about my physical health. Being 50+ Agility and strength are now a core part of my training and I fell better than in my 40ties. Especially during the pandemic in 2020 you have not only helped me to stay in a good condition, with your guidance I was able to transform my body to a new and healthier level.
Thanks, Axel
Axel Berkling
Executive Vice President-Central & North Europe, KONE Corporation ​
I have been having difficulty sticking to an exercise regime to lose weight and to get fit. Yes, I try to watch what I eat and go for long walks with my good friend. But all my effort always go down the drain. Finally, after much discretion and with my daughter’s wedding coming up, my girlfriend and I decided to hunt for a good physical trainer and we came across Fitness Tutor which has good reviews.

We met up with Paul, spoke about our expectations and made the decision to embark on our fitness training journey together with Paul.
It’s been 12 sessions since I started on 12/8/22 and I have remarkably improved in my stamina and strength and of course needless to say, under Paul’s guidance and advice, achieved a 2.5kg weight loss. Importantly my body fat percentage has dropped from 36%(obese) to 27%(average)!! Paul is very encouraging during the training sessions and he does not push us beyond what we cannot manage. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants a personal trainer to help in achieving your fitness level. Looking forward to more sessions and a new me! Thanks Paul and of course my training buddy, Justina😊
Amanda Kok
Nursing Manager, Alexandra Hospital
"thanks for another great session Paul! your ability to push me right to the edge of capacity without going too far over is awesome..” "I really appreciate how mindful you are of my back injury too - it really helps me build confidence. I can tell that my back is gaining strength in a really managed/safe way - which is just awesome" ""so even though i’d got into “mediocre” shape by myself, it is extremely obvious that i have made incredible gains (gained 4.5kg muscle, lost 7kg fat in only 10 sessions) since working with you!"
Wil Finn
General Counsel, One Championship
Paul is an excellent PT who has been not only been able to meet my fitness needs but also keep me sufficiently motivated. One of my challenges with gymming had been that I get bored with my workouts, however Paul is able to keep it fresh for me while having me push my boundaries. I've built a lot of strength since I started training with Paul and am happy with my results.
Wee Yeong Wei
Lead, Palantir Technologies
Training with Paul is fun, systematic and progressive. I had not exercised for almost 15 years, and a number of health issues began to pop up. After I started training with Paul, I lost 10kg and improved my fitness within a short period of 4 months. My nerves/neck pain was reduced greatly, after strengthening my muscles. I can see the results, and my visits to the chiropractor and the medical treatments for my neck and nerves pain were reduced after I started training with Paul. I got fitter and my body starts to heal naturally. I would recommend Paul to anyone who is serious about getting their health and fitness back!!!
Chow Wai Thong
MD & Exe Producer, August Pictures
Hi, my name is Joanna and I am a working Singaporean, who has elderly parents to take care of, a family to attend to and a whole list of financial commitments. As with most working parents, I often lived my life for others more than for myself. In the height of building my career and growing my family, I often worked late into the night, taking care of my school-going children and stressing over family and work-related matters. Thus, life has not always been a bed of roses.

One day, in late 2008, my body began to react badly to my intensive stress, hence I went to my regular gynae for a check-up. I thought it was a minor issue till I received an unusual personal call from my doctor - “Joanna you have uterine cancer, Stage 3”. I was stunned.

In 2009, I did a full hysterectomy, 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 15 sessions of radiotherapy, I rested for 1 year and spent time reflecting on my life and the meaning of it. It is more than 10 years now and the cancer is in remission. That was a wake-up call for me – I thought that I was formidable and nothing could bring me down. I am thankful that I did not succumb to my condition and committed myself to listen to my body’s needs. I am given a second chance to live and to have a life again. I am grateful.

After the cancer episode, I committed myself to a balance lifestyle by eating healthy, regularly exercising with Personal Trainers, resting early and taking most things with a pinch of salt so that I will not be emotionally affected. So..I am still alive, hahaha.

As time passed, I immersed myself back into the Singaporean’s rat-race lifestyle, forgetting that I am a cancer survivor…..there I go again…..I started to revert into my old bad habits.

In 2021, with age catching up, I made a resolution to prioritise self-love and self-care. Love = Time = Care. LTC (Long Term Care). This is when “Fitness Tutor” came into my life.

Coach Paul Kuck, my Personal Trainer (PT) is a very professional and cool person. He is a science-based medical PT who is totally qualified and equipped to work with people who have health conditions and is well-versed in food nutrition.

Paul takes time to listen and tailor a regime of exercises which is suitable for my condition and age. I feel at ease entrusting my health and fitness programme to him. I must say each session at “Fitness Tutor” is fun and fulfilling.

Personally, I would recommend at least 2 sessions of workout per week to see results. Oh yes, my greatest joy is that I can see the results of my training sessions –

To begin with, I quickly veered towards my ideal weight with Paul’s close monitoring on my dietary intake and exercises. In the initial state, he would even request that I take pictures of my meals for him and he would take time to advise me from there.

Besides that, I realised that my energy level is boosted with the workout. Somehow, I feel that I no longer start and drag a day with a tired body. Of course, it also resulted me with a more alert mind.

Thank you Paul and “Fitness Tutor”.

I have learned the hard way to love myself, to live life and love life. What about you? Would you take time out for yourself

From: Joanna Huang

3 Aug 2021
Joanna Huang
Top Financial Services Associate Director, AIA
Paul's professionalism is top notch. Under his coaching, I have begun to see major improvements in health and physical functions. I feel I am getting younger.
Jennie Chua
Forbes Asia's "50 Women In the Mix"
CEO, Raffles Holdings & Asscott Grp
Daughter-in-Law, Goh Keng Swee (Ex PM)
"For a very busy working professional with irregular erratic training schedule, I can only find limited time to train with Paul. Nevertheless, Paul identifies my personal needs and then does on to develop and customize training exercise program to suit my individual requirements and goals. He leaves training instructions so that I can do it on my own when I can find time between my sessions with him. This ensures minimal lapse in my quest for a healthier body"
Dr Benjamin Tham
Senior Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Thomson Medical Center
"I am a client of fitness tutor since Nov 2014. I only lost 6 kg so far. Do not misunderstand me. I have dropped at least 5 inches off my belly and my clothes size has dropped. I have gain more muscles and lost fats for this 4 years. Therefore I am a happy client. I even recommend my wife to join me in 2017. Coach Paul can customize to your fitness goals. At the very beginning, I told him that I only need to lose some weight and be physically fitter as I have a spine issue, therefore, I request a slow and steady pace, which Coach Paul did. After 3 months of training, I am able to finish my first 10km without stopping for a breather. Therefore I will highly recommend Coach Paul to anyone who wants to start a training program. Do not procrastinate but take action!"
Robin Ng
Director, Apexid (Design & Renovation)
"I was able to achieve with Paul what I could not for two years! Even my weak knee is much stronger now. Paul’s unassuming personality, efficient methods and watchful eye has helped me to get the results I wanted while enjoying the workouts. As a busy person, I feel that my two hours invested with Paul each week is well worth it. That is all the exercise I really need to be fit, strong and healthy.” (p/s: At this point in time, Prof Jacob, at age 55 can do more than 10 full butts to the floor one-legged squats holding on to additional weight. Weak knees are a distant distant past)."
Prof Jacob Lee
Principal Consultant of Hedgehog Consulting, Top workshop coach at Civil Service College; Author of 'Renew Your Mind and Transform Your Life'.
"I first got to know Paul through a colleague who shared that Paul helped her overcome some serious back problems. At the time, I was having problem with my left knee. Made it difficult for me to stand for extended period of time which I have to do when delivering my workshops. Thankfully, surgery was not needed after I got help from Paul. He offered advice that was counter-intuitive and against conventional wisdom. Most people would say to avoid exercising the injured know as it would cause more damage. But Paul's strategy was to do the correct exercises that strengthened the muscles around the knee without causing more harm. Today there is no more pain in the affected knee. In fact I can do one-legged squats on that knee! If I had not exercised, the muscles would have weakened and my knee would have been worse. This is why I trust Paul's advice and methods. Even his workouts are customised to me. What he does with me in one session depends on what we did in the session before and my current condition (e.g. fresh? tired?). And he is efficient as we exercise multiple muscle groups in the same movement saving time. I have been with him for several years now. I highly recommend Paul as a fitness trainer"
Prof Jacob Lee's
2nd testimonial
"I have been a client of Coach Paul for more than 3 years. He is a resourceful and helpful in giving practical routines that I can also carry out outside of the gym. Well recommended!"
Caroline Tan
Deputy Director, Operations, National Healthcare Group
"I am a stage 3 metastatic cancer survivor. Coach Paul helped me with some stretching, strengthening and cardio exercises and nutrition guide designed specifically to improve the recovery process. After several weeks of training, I feel that I am back to the normal me. I feel energetic and alive again. I am thankful to Paul!"
​Ms Renee Tan,
Cancer Survivor HR Manager​
"My wife and I have worked with a few trainers over the years but we never could settled with one that we both felt comfortable with. We started with Paul about 3 years ago and within a few months we were convinced that “he is the one” that we got him to train our 3 kids as well. Always approachable, and flexible to customize training to our needs. He is knowledgable about fitness but doesn’t push his approach down on you. As a family, we have seen our fitness level improved under him and more importantly, our kids loved training with him. We highly recommend Paul as your fitness coach/tutor."
Albert Lim
Director, Marketing (Asia Pacific), The Wendy's Company
"Coach Paul is definitely a dedicated, world class trainer. He puts in great effort to demonstrate the exercises (which he has easily came up with a few hundreds of it, but mind you that is not exhaustive) throughout the 8hrs course. Seriously, it has never dawned on me that bodyweight exercises can be so much fun until I attended this course. Now I no longer have to base my exercises on the tools that I have.. All thanks to Paul. He has demonstrated his creativity and innovative in making his exercises practical so that anyone can simply use everyday objects to create great tools for their exercises."
Cai Yun
Senior Account
"I am contacting you to express our thanks (Seiko and I) for working with us as our personal trainer. We both felt that you helped us individually, beginning to work with us where we were both physically and emotionally. You seemed to know how hard to push us, so that the exercise was challenging, but not too painful.

Your calm but firm approach was excellent and your flexibility with scheduling our visits was awesome.

We both feel like we benefitted from your program and we only wish we could have continued with you longer in Singapore. After leaving Singapore and relocating to the Chicago, Illinois, USA area, we are still looking for someone like you. You are not easy to replace!

Kind regards"
Steve & Seiko Preps
"Our company hired fitness and health speaker Paul Kuck, who is also my personal coach, to do a lunch talk called 'Health is Wealth: You are what you eat'. ​

We had little expectations initially because many of us had some basic knowledge about nutrition and health. But we were pleasantly surprised. Many of the information passed during the talk were not only new, they were also practical. Many myths and misconceptions were addressed. For example, I always thought that fat from food is bad for me but apprarently it is not. In fact, fat is essential for health. Now I can enjoy my meals better!"
Mr Prakash Moorthy
Financial Adviser
"I am a stay at home mum of 2 kids, 8 and 4. I am in my late 30s. I had been battling with weight problem nearly all my adult life. As a result, taking care of kids is no laughing matter, as they are young and highly energetic. Keeping up them with them in physical activities was mission impossible. ​

Earlier this year I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol issues (note: my parents didn't have such issues themselves). So I decided to do something for myself and thus for family before things get worse. ​

So a friend recommended me to Paul and I called him. In a non patronising yet friendly manner, he assured me that I can resolve the above-mentioned issues as long as I had faith in him and myself. ​

He recommended a easy-to-follow nutritional plan, trained me twice a week (occasionally thrice) and suggested some lifestyle changes at my end. ​

After doing so for 4.5 months, I had my bloodwork done again and was pleasantly surprised that both high blood pressure and cholesterol had come down by quite a bit. And all these without medications! So my lifestyle changes worked! ​

What about my weight? It had reduced by 8kgs! I was delighted to say the least. What's even more impressive is that I am (almost) now as fit as my kids and am participating in all outdoor activities with them on weekly basis! I am even contemplating participating in a marathon event soon. ​

Such improvements can only be dreamt of if I didn't take the step of engaging Paul. He is a humble, easy-going, interesting and talented trainer. He made my journey much easier than I had imagined. I hereby wholeheartedly thank Paul for his excellent service and the transformation he has done on me. Once again, thank you Paul. ​

God Bless!"
Faith Lee
"Hi Paul, ​

Before I continue, I would like to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to your coaching and training. It is not only an eye opener for me but also a confidence booster for me. ​

After suffering from osteoarthritis for my right hip bone and tremendous muscles pulling and tightness from various part of my body, I almost given up hope to seek help and continue to suffer and endure these pains. BUT, Paul, you have given me HOPE. The various exercises and training carefully design by you have greatly improved my condition after the first month of training. ​

To be honest, I am among those who tell myself : " Are you sure you can help me when doctors tell me to give up hope and proceed with a hip replacement surgery ? " After much consideration, I told myself : " Since I have spent so much on seeking treatment for the past 12 years, why not I make this my last try ? " And the last try I have attempted allows me to walk with confidence and even jog nowadays. ​

Not only that, you have made me lose some weight and look more lean ....... My friends and colleagues told me that I look much better and to my surprise, they commented that I don't walk like a "Rocking Boat " as before. I also feel that my tightened muscles started to loosen up and the pain on my hip reduced greatly. I love your great theory " EAT ON DEMAND " where I don't need to starve to lose these weight. ​

Once again ! Thanks Paul. You are a great Trainer ! I humbly encourage those who are suffering like me to take a brave step forward to try out this training method with Paul. YOU WILL DEFINITELY SEE RESULTS WITH PAUL'S TRAINING COMBINE WITH YOUR DILIGENT EFFORT ! Cheers."
Fong Chee Muing
Site Manager
"“I used to say ‘I have no energy left’ and I say now ‘I have energy for anything! Work/life balance used to be something vague and unattainable. Everything was going downhill for me. It wasn’t until I attended this course that I made a inside-out change to my life and ways of doing things. Coach Paul Kuck has answered and helped me solve all the issues (physical, emotional and work) I had before. Just barely 3 months after the course, I have lost 4kg, regained fitness, and managed to find ample time for my family. And even a pay raise! I only applied some of the techniques (50%) taught! Now I am fully energised and happy at work and personal life! Thank you Paul”
Jason Lee
"I wanted to lose about 8 kg of weight and to become fitter overall and Paul of Fitness Tutor, seemed to fit the bill after I had done a considerable research around. No one else seems to pack the same amount of dedication, experience and credential as he does. I was proven right. Within a matter of weeks, I started to see and feel changes all over. Towards the second month of training, I had already lost about 12kg of fat and gained about 5 kg of muscles. I am at my ideal weight and am asking Paul to help me set new target to achieve."
George S
"I put on 17 kg for my second pregnancy. Although I lost 10 kg in the 1st week, the remaining 7 kg persisted for the next 9 weeks. That was when I decided to take action. In just 5 weeks (including CNY celebrations and feasting) with Paul (BTPpostnatal), I had lost 4 kg and 3 inches off my waist. Most importantly, Paul helped me kickstart a healthy eating and exercise programme that is sustainable, realistic and achievable. Thanks a lot, Paul!"
Aileen Tan
Homemaker, Former Air-Stewardess
"I am a ex Commando with a Ranger tab and I know what physical training is all about. While Paul's course does not drive you to the extreme (you could if you are very self-motivated), one of its objectives is to prepare you for any situation - no matter how big or small. If one day, you find yourself chased by a psycho, handing on window edge, get hit by a car, and still find yourself alive and kicking, be thankful for attending this course ”
Wong LM
Ex commando
"Hi Paul. Just a note to let you know how satisfied I have been with your work. When I started I had a very sore and weak back and hips, my neck was hurting, and other aches and pains. In the training sessions I had with you, I was able to strengthen my entire body, and basically stabilize my back. I’m no longer in regular pain and feel 10 times better..Thanks for your help. Regards"
Prof Richard Avery
Head, Dept of Management & Organization NUS Business School. Author of many business psychology related journals and books
"My dear trainer Paul, as you know I suffered from almost every ailments imaginable, from pre-diabetes (high blood glucose), high cholesterol, obesity, back pain, knee pain, high cancer markers etc. Nearly 50% of my health test were out of the range. With your program, you've helped me normalize nearly all the problematic areas. I would have been on at least dozens of pills and surgeries, with pains and tortures with no end in sight, if not for you and your great program. It's like a miracle, Paul. I don't know how you do it, but you did it for me. Can't express enough appreciation."
Mike TL
CEO of a multinational corporation
"I had a shoulder injury that caused me pain on & off for more than 2 years. Whenever the pain comes, it was rather crippling, as I was unable to carry even the lightest of loads. I did not want to be on painkiller medication over long periods of time. Instead of going to the hospital for physiotherapy (as I wanted to avoid the long waiting time), I decided to have a personal trainer. The main purpose is to strengthen my shoulder muscle and hopefully reduce the occurrence of the pain. The secondary objective is to lose some weight and be more toned. I asked around and was advised to use Fitness Tutor who has prior experience in handling clients with injuries.
Mei Ling
"I have been battling with my weight since my early teens. The most drastic weight loss attempt was in 2003 where I lost a total of 24kg through diet and exercise. However I was hardly eating anything and was exercising vigorously. The result of which was extreme mood swings, weakness and misery that not only affected me but my loved ones as well. The weight loss was maintained for less than a year and it crept back on again.
Chen Lee Yan
"Bodyweight training have been around for a long time, for instance, Spartan warriors (of the movie "300") got in shape using calisthenics - a type of bodyweight exercise - as early as in 500 BC! That doesn't mean they are old-fashioned, recently trainers are coming back to this training method, as more and more people find out its tried and tested benefits. The core of bodyweight training are multi-joint exercises, which are also great for losing weight, because with each full body movement, every muscle is worked, increasing the metabolism which translates into an elevated fat burning state. Such kind of weight loss will never happen by doing biceps curls. Bodyweight training can build strength, endurance and flexibility at once. On top of that, they help build an injury-proof body, by working stabilizing muscles. I thought I knew about bodyweight exercises until I had a session with Paul. While I have been training for more than 10 years, one of the most intense workouts of my life had no weights other than my body, and the floor as equipment. ​

I have known Paul for ten years, and he has helped me get in shape and stay in shape - which has been adding years to my life and life to my years. Paul has a no BS attitude when it comes to exercise and a firm belief, like me, in simplicity and results."
Paulo Dias
Regional Sales Director, Commercial Aviation ​
“Dumbbell, barbell, kettle bells dead lift bench presses were what I knew of when It came to training. Frequenting the gym almost everyday just to hit the weights hard and heavy. But that wasn’t what fitness was. Are you able to lift 100kg off the ground? ​

Well, if you say yes, then let me pose you another question. Are u able to lift yourself? if you are unsure, then simply attend this mind blowing course. BE A WALKING GYM, BODYWEIGHT TRAINING COURSE. The course was really mind blowing. It simply crushed my perspective of fitness. Being fit isn’t all about going to the gym and hitting the weights. Neither is it all about being able to run 5 mile without breaking a sweat. Its all about being able to strike a balance between cardio respiratory fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance and co-ordination. That’s what this course is able to do. By attending this course, you are able to learn various exercises that allows you to draw that balance. Paul Kuck has put tremendous effort to make this course a success. The course notes provided were simple and very informative. ​

And the plus point of this course is that is 100% practical! Right on the spot, you get to practice what you learn. Where else would you attend such a course? A dedicated trainer such as Paul Kuck definitely passed us valuable knowledge. And to top it up, we got introduced to a very simple suspension system. Paul’s very own innovative system. That will bring your bodyweight training up to a whole new level. Think u can knock out 100 push-ups? Try doing it while suspended! Thank you Paul for the awesome course! Hope to learn more from you!”
Arun Kumar
ACE-Certified Trainer, Led Fitness Programs on TV
"Paul became my trainer to help me lose weight I had gained after I had injured my knee (ruptured Patella Tendon) few months ago, to improve on my fitness for my sport, and to reduce the pain in the knee. After several weeks of specialised training under Paul, I had lost a few kgs and the pain in my knee is almost non-existent. On top of that, I have developed greater power and accuracy in my strokes, better endurance, flexibility and balance." ​

Stanley Leong Mediacorp Presenter. Brother of Hossan Leong “I’ve always been of slight built and weight gain has never been an issue. In fact, it’s been a problem and that’s why I sought help from Paul at Fitness Tutor. I didn’t have problems with cardio, but I wanted to see how I could add a little more muscle mass and definition. The training worked and I enjoyed seeing more of me as the sessions progressed. Thanks Paul for the coaching and for being so accommodating to my erratic work schedule. Thanks for getting me started."
Valerie Lim
National badminton player
"I had developed shoulder impingement pain since my army days and have not been able to get rid of it. I had tried various methods but nothing seems to work. After meeting and discussing with Paul on a program to help me regain my fitness and fix the pain, we started training. He showed me a some unique strengthening exercises (which I had never done before as I was always using machines when I was training with my ex personal trainer, which apparently weren't helpful) and magically, the pain went away within days."
Dennis Wong
"I have known Paul for more than 15 years and he still holds the same, if not more, deep level of passion for fitness. He is always thirsty for knowledge (what more does he need to know is a mystery), and comes out with the most innovative training methods that will definitely work. Being a former competitive bodybuilder myself, I know a lot about exercise and nutrition myself, so I can easily separate what is fake and what is real. Paul is not only real, he is the Real Guru of Fitness."
Sean Toh
Coach and best-selling author of '4 Steps to financial freedom'
"My time with Paul Kuck has undoubtedly been one of the most productive experiences I've had so far. Fitness has always been a challenge for me because I do not enjoy exercise, but Paul's friendly and welcoming manner put me instantly at ease. The pace of training has always been spot on: challenging but never exhausting. I came away from every session with increased energy and a feeling of accomplishment. The privacy of Paul's gym makes it easy for someone who is not confident of their own physical abilities to develop at their own pace without fear of failure or ridicule. I am very thankful to Paul for his expertise, his professionalism and most of all, his friendliness."
Alexander Woon
President's Scholar 2009. Also son of Former Attorney-General Walter Woon
我来到新加波已经八年。这段期间,我不断地想找位合格的建身教练来帮我锻练我这个一直发福不停的身材。从朋友认识了Paul教练,便和他连系。 从交流中,觉得他的学问一流,学历高人一等(拥有有硕士学位, 最高级教练文凭等),为人也很友善,谦虚和亲切。 他也说了一口流利的中文。还有,他的j健身房离我上班的地方也很近。这些因素使我就决定让他做我的教练。 ​

开始时, Paul先帮我进行一整套的健康测试,详细测试,体重,血压,脂肪含量,围度等。再根据这些数据和我的期望,量身打造一整套合适并安全的健身计划和营养食谱。 ​

不出我所料,Paul果然真的是一名了不起的师父!他帮我量身定做的运动, 不仅有效也不会枯燥乏味, 而且还蛮好玩的!他也帮我调整我的饮食,好让我更快的达到目标。在短短的六七周,我廋了不少,减掉了大肚腩,还增了一些肌肉。我原本有轻微的糖尿病,已经没了。 除了这些,我的体力和耐力提高了许多,和以往的我体弱多病的我差了太远了!我现在是精神充沛, 生龙活虎!朋友最近看到我都说完全变成了另一个人! ​

如果你和我一样想找个超棒的专业教练,可以根据你个人的体能,性格等状态做出针对性的健身计划,我会毫不犹豫的推荐Fitness Tutor的Paul教练!我保证你一定不会失望!
Zhou Yu
I started hiring Coach Paul since 2018 and have never looked back. Prior to Paul, I had tried a few other personal trainers, and they were all a letdown. They either did not understand my needs, were condescending or just plain clueless about their own trade. I had told one such trainer (who was a 'celebrity' trainer) that I was fearful of developing bulky muscles because I tend to build muscles quite easily. He insisted I wouldn't and put me on a program like how he trained himself. Guess what? I indeed ended with bulky arms and legs, and I looked like a powerlifter! I was utterly disappointed, to say the least. ​

After much googling around, I found Paul and I had a chat with him and unlike the others, he was completely understanding and told me that there was indeed a difference in training methods for bulking up and staying in shape. He was humble and never once brag about himself, despite his impressive credentials. I told him I needed a good overall fitness and trim up a little. He replied that it was doable. Needless to say, I went ahead with his training and boy, am I glad I did. ​

I couldn't pinpoint exactly why he's so effective and yet make me feel that the workout could be so easy. Could be the way he gave instruction or his choice of exercise. I really didn't know, not that I cared, as long as it worked. There were times I got injured (due to my violin practise or own carelessness) and he helped me with the rehabilitation of the areas. I immediately felt okay and could resume my normal activities. These sessions were even better than my own physio sessions, and they were actually part of my normal workout sessions with Paul. Talk about cost-savings! After a few weeks of training, my strength increased, my endurance improved, my limbs and stomach were trimmed and I felt much more energetic! Paul had helped me achieved the body I asked for and more. I couldn't be more pleased. ​

During the holiday periods, I would even ask my family members and friends (who were living overseas) to come to his studio and trained by Paul when they visited me. They all commented on what a great trainer and person he was. ​

I am thankful that I found Paul as my personal trainer and would not hesitate to recommend him to all my associates. He is the best among the best.
Prof Chua Sook Ning
highly acclamined clinical psychologist, founder of Relate and lecturer of NIE. ​

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